Build Your List

Take Action

Craft Your Short Story

Crafting Your Short Story PDF

Developing Your Why PDF

3-Way Calls

​Script for a 3 Way Call as the UPLINE : 15-15min version

Business Calls

​What to Say When you Set Up a Business Call : + Objections 

Recorded Business Opportunity Call by Alison & Kristin: (15min) SHARE
THE REPLAY: (641)715-3609;656398#

Virtual Webinar to introduce the business by Katie & Kristin (20min)

Hosting Events

Sending More Info

How to Host Events : BBLs, Happy Hour, Spa Day, etc. by PBYou

What to SAY at your BBL

First be sure to either send them the recorded CALL or VIDEO (links on the left) and have them jot down questions and set up a 3way call

​More Info Email : if you feel they need more resources other than the recorded call/video


Preferred Customers

Overcoming Objections and Kit Options

Bonus and Incentives

​​Fast Start Program and Incentives PDF

EC Duplication Chart

Importance of CRP


Do You Speak RF? PDF

Presenting to Salons and Spas: Policies, Commission, Opp Call #

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